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Best tips on Essay paragraph the first step Towards Writing a Winning Essay

Best tips on Essay paragraph the first step Towards Writing a Winning Essay

One of the reasons identified to cause poor essay writing abilities in students is because students rarely equip themselves appropriately for the subject they want to write about. Essay beginning is also one of the most challenging reasons identified as well. Therefore in order for student to become good at essay writing they need to fully understand what is needed and work hard towards achieving exactly. All this true about the essay paragraph too.

There are at least three identified essay paragraphs that you need to fully understand in essay writing. They are the introductory paragraph, the body paragraph and the conclusion paragraph. Moreover, these paragraphs have been identified to have more than one likeness, but still preserving their main points, evidence arguments and the summary of the paragraph. This article will best explain how to write paragraphs on a winning essay.

Introductory paragraphs

This is always the first paragraph in any essay that you are going to write. It also holds the thesis statement, which explains in brief what the entire essay will be talking about. Although writers sometimes decide to include background information of the essay in the introductory paragraph with much ease. The last sentence in the introductory paragraph should however always connect it to the main body of the essay.

Body paragraph

How to start an essay body paragraph depends on the ability of the writer to connect it to the introductory paragraph. The first part should have your strongest point which is later followed by the evidence you wish to use as the supportive illustrations, explanations and evidence. They should at least be able to communicate with each other at ease.

The second paragraph should house your second strong point and just as the first paragraph in the body should have its explanations, illustrations and evident to support it. It should also be able to open the way for your third paragraph which contains your weakest point, but with the necessary explanations, evidence and illustrations to support it.

The third paragraph should be able to prove to the reader that it is indeed the last paragraph due to its weak nature in defending or illustrating its arguments. It should also be able to usher in the concluding paragraph which is the last part of any essay. But never forget to ensure that the body paragraph strongly represent your thesis statement.

Concluding paragraph

The last paragraph mostly represents the summary of all points discussed in the essay. But should still be able to fully defend the thesis statement. It should be able to fully prove to the reader that it is the legitimate conclusion. Therefore consider using short sentences in order to give that conclusion that can be in line with the length of the essay.

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