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Here is my recent review with regards to academic writing company PaperOvernight


My final college year had been the hardest year ever for me. My father had lost his job, and my mother was a housewife. They could not afford any fees to keep me in school, and this resulted in countless days away from school. It was now one month to the final exam and I had covered very little in my course that year. The thought of the final examination which also included a research project made me go crazy.

After discussing my fears and worries with my best friend, she advised me to search the web for a writing company to do the research project for me. I reached out to my laptop to see if I could find anything of the sort. I could not avoid a smile when I saw countless writing websites advertised on the Internet.

Deceiving Name

Why did I have to panic that much while the solution was right next to me? And because we were expected to submit the research paper before the final exam, I decided to contact one of those writing companies named I thought the name implies that my research paper would be ready overnight. I wish I’d read testimonials on PaperOvernight first…

You see, that is why I decided to go for this particular company. Regarding the information that was on the Paper Overnight site, the company had been in operation since the year 2014. The landing page advertised research paper writing. That is just what I was looking for! I thanked my friend for the advice she had given me and I continued reading the content on the

Unfavorable Prices

Reading further, I saw that all writers were natives with masters or Ph.D. degrees. That means my content would be of high quality and free from grammatical errors. I also noted from their pages that I qualified for some discounts since I was a new client. That was great news since I was on a budget. Nevertheless, their prices were slightly high since a high school page was $10 and a Ph.D. paper was $50. However, my friend was willing to lend me the money.

So, I decided to look for the Paper Overnight contact so as to make an order. After I had contacted them, I thought I should inquire about a promo code and coupon codes that I had not seen on their webpage.

They explained that they offer these services once in a while. Well, since the customer service assured me that I would have my research paper within 6 hours, I didn’t care anymore about the codes. So, I was asked to pay so that a writer could be assigned my paper immediately.

Unqualified Writers

Four hours after making the payment, the writer sent the research paper. I called my friend, and together we started going through the research paper. The excitement ended when we looked at the quality of the content.

It was of very poor quality, the resources the writer had used were out of date, and the format and style used were all bad. My friend decided to contact the company to inquire about the quality and to know if we could have any revisions done.

Unfortunately, the agents could not answer all of my friend’s questions.  That’s when it dawned on me that I had not taken time to read any review for Before I could tell my friend about it, she was already scrolling down the customer reviews and testimonials. Most clients received their papers on time, but the quality was missing.

As a result, all the feedback given by former clients was negative. My friend gave up on them and decided to help me do the research paper. Although has an awesome name, I can’t afford to give them a good rating because the quality of their work is quite poor.


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